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The Surprising Side Effects of Prescription Drugs

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We have all seen them, the drug commercials on TV that is. Every commercial is packed full of info about the drugs' known complications, and is generally done in such an informal fashion that nobody is actually paying any attention to the declaration.

If you asked somebody why they don't trouble themselves to discover about the health side-effects from the drugs they're taking, it's not unusual for them to answer, "Each drug has 1 or 2 of them, so what?"

Lately, it's been discovered though, that certain medicines may very well be interfering with your sex life, along with your mood and memory loss. Millions of US citizens are presently taking mood depressant drugs and almost 4 out of each 10 are suffering sexual complications from them. This comes as no tiny surprise then that so many relationships are in difficulty thanks to lack of sex. Nonetheless, sexual complications from drugs don't have to be the end of your happiness or other important relationships you are in. If you're stuck in a pattern where you are not performing or have no wish to have sex due to no sex drive, you don't necessarily need to get a drug for it. Psychological health is critical in sex and it is usually the best place to start for both you and your partner. However if the complications are interfering too much with your life, you need to talk with your health practitioner. Your health practitioner wants to understand about any and all drug complications you could be having with the medicine you've been prescribed. Yet, many folks don't feel comfy chatting with their doctors about the sexual complications, mood swings, or memory loss from drugs. Simply speak to your General Practioner and see whether the drug can be modified to another which won't destroy your emotional and physical life.

There are numerous differing types of mood depressants which your health practitioner can prescribe; sometimes just changing your medicine can solve the issue. Coping with any sort of drug complications can be trying and maddening, you've just got to bide your time and understand that often the 1st medicine isn't going to be the correct one. Do research to find out about the drugs you are taking and see what other drugs there are available that you may just be able to take and then speak with your physician. Communication is the initial step to dealing with the issue.

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